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The Tata group of companies is India’s oldest, largest and best known conglomerate with revenues of over US $9 billion.

At a time when the politics of empire dismissed the need for Indian industrialisation, Jamesetji Nusserwanji Tata set up a small private trading firm in 1868. His revolutionary vision initiated an era of industrial growth which played a key role in the process of nation building.

The journey was marked by a series of firsts. Beginning in 1874 with a textile mill in central India, the enterprises promoted by TATA today encompass businesses in sectors as diverse as Metals and Associated Industries, Automobiles, Energy, Engineering, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Finance, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Agro Industries, Hotels and International trade in products and services.

Since the turn of the century, when Jamsetji Tata identified steel, hydroelectric power and higher education as key areas of focus, TATA have availed themselves of nearly every business opportunity which would promote national growth. Several years ago, as a part of their strategic plan, TATA decided to expand their fields of operations into areas other than core industrial sectors in which they were traditionally engaged. This trend continues, several new projects in the process of implementation or evaluation are cellular telecom services, a technology park, an airport project and a world class domestic airline.

Value for money is a TATA hallmark, as is the deeply ingrained commitment to the practice of good corporate citizenship. Social responsibility has been a shared TATA concern from the days of its Founder down to the present. TATA believes that the community is a stakeholder. For the past century, TATA have worked towards being among India’s most trusted business houses, an endeavour that will be here for the long run.

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