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TOTAL is the world's fourth largest global oil and gas company, with operations spanning the entire gamut of the energy industry including oil and gas exploration, refining and marketing, international trading in crude and refined products. TOTAL is also among the top ranked world class chemical companies.


On its strength and reputation as a producer of high grade base oils for the global lubricants industry, TOTAL also carved out a position in Asia Pacific as a manufacturer and supplier of uncompromised quality and high performance lubricants for nearly all automotive and industrial applications.

Being among the leaders in the lubricant markets in the world, TOTAL aims to redefine customer service experience, one that associates with the highest quality products.


TOTAL uses the latest technology coupled with skilfully chosen blend of base oils and additives to optimise the lubricants' unique benefits and performance characteristics. Thus, ensuring engines will continue to perform at its peak and extending the engine life, which lead to significant cost savings and reduced maintenance for our customers. This principle is similarly applied when we formulate lubricants for the vehicle's transmission, cooling, and braking systems. TOTAL redefines quality standards for automotive lubricants.


With our participation across all industries, TOTAL tailored its industrial lubricants with continuous research and development. Our reputation for reliability and positioned as a world leader in industrial lubricants have been stamped from our relentless pursuit to exceed users' requirements. Our satisfaction only comes when our products command repeat performance from the customer.

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